Taking Steps Forward to Your Dream

“As long as you are taking steps forward it is excellent, if you are in a lull where all you do is pay bills and don’t take any steps to follow your dreams then you are doing it wrong. Whatever your dream is it requires the help of a lot of people, and you can find financing for what you are passionate about if you connect. There are infinite excuses not to do something and only you understand the real reasons to actually do it. So many people give up and start “facing reality” which is a way of saying that they don’t have enough capacity and self discipline to make their dreams come true. When you know what you want, the whole world appears as if it helps you get it, your perspective is shifted to that channel. If you are focused on paying bills then all you will see is the bills, but when you are focused on your dream then the bills are just part of your administration and organization.”

-Ezra Masri, TED Talks Organizer (TED website)